PhD poster day 2017

This event is organized by the PhD schools in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering at the end of the first and second year (i.e., 31th and 32th cycle). It will be held on Mon Oct 2nd 2017 in  Sala Consiglio di Facoltà, with the following scheduling:

Time Event
9:30-10:00 Keynote speech: "Research, technology transfer and innovation", by Prof. Emilio Paolucci
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:00-13:00 Poster discussion
14:00-14:30 Keybote speech: "The Illegal Dimension of Disruptive Innovation", by Ing. Paolo Mulassano (ISMB)
14:30-15:00 Coffee break
14:30-17:00 Poster discussion



For the professors evaluating the posters

  • The deadline for the evaluation  is Fri 4th Oct.
  • If you are Politecnico faculty, you should access through your official Politecnico account in the format (e.g., the same used to access WiFi/portale della didattica).
  • If you are not Politecnico faculty, or the Politecnico account does not work, please contact to get the access.
  • If the online access does not work, you can fill on offline form (available here) and send to

Any professor or student can provide a feedback (comments/suggestions) to the organization of the event by filling the form here


Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Thesis title
Reviewers Evaluate
230010 Abdellatif Alaa Awad Reliable and Energy-Efficient Cross-Layer Design for m-Health Systems for Effective Patient Monitoring 31 Carla Fabiana Chiasserini DET-TLC No pdf Paolo Giaccone, Claudio Casetti, Fabio Dovis Evaluate
223469 Ahmed Daniyal Power Management Systems for Energy Harvesting 31 Fabrizio Pirri , Marzia Quaglio DET-TLC Yes pdf Marco Pirola, Fabrizio Bonani, Sergio Ferrero Evaluate
229716 Arif Arslan Design Space Optimization for FPGA using High Level Synthesis 31 Luciano Lavagno DET-ELN Yes pdf Claudio Sansoe, Franco Maddaleno, Leonardo Reyneri Evaluate
241196 Arrigo Francesco Frequency control in High RES generation Grids 32 Ettore Bompard DENERG Yes pdf Gianfranco Chicco, Angela Russo, Giovanni Griva Evaluate
223461 Beccaria Michele Design of Innovative Reflectarray Antennas 31 Paola Pirinoli DET-ELM Yes pdf Mario Orefice, Francesca Vipiana, Patrizia Savi Evaluate
233602 Bertana Valentina Additive manufacturing for printed electronics and integrated systems 32 Luciano Scaltrito DISAT Yes pdf Fabrizio Pirri, Fabrizio Bonani, Danilo Demarchi Evaluate
233667 Bertignono Luca Advanced Transmission Techniques for Ultra-High Capacity Optical Communication Links 32 Gabriella Bosco , Andrea Carena DET-TLC Yes pdf Roberto Gaudino, Valter Ferrero, Vittorio Curri Evaluate
231827 Calmo Roberta Development of nanomechanical platforms, characterized by enhanced sensitivity and their use in bio/chemical assay optimization 31 Carlo Ricciardi , Candido Fabrizio Pirri DISAT Yes pdf Elena Maria Tresso, Fabrizio Giorgis, Emiliano Descrovi Evaluate
240577 Catania Felice Optical Design for Additive Manufacturing 32 Sergio Ferrero DISAT Yes pdf Fabrizio Pirri, Fabrizio Bonani, Danilo Demarchi Evaluate
242543 Cheng Weishuai multi-channel integrated front-end for radiation detectors 32 Amedeo Staiano DET-ELN No pdf Michele Goano, Angelo Rivetti, Gianni Mazza Evaluate
240691 Cometti Simona Design of the new front-end electronics for the readout of the upgraded CMS electromagnetic calorimeter for the HL-LHC 32 Giovanni Mazza DET-ELN Yes pdf Guido Masera, Maurizio Martina, Angelo Rivetti Evaluate
242132 Concas Matteo Algorithm development for vertex reconstruction in heavy-ion collisions on high performant parallel architectures 32 Danilo Demarchi , Stefania Bufalino DET-TLC Yes pdf Guido Masera, Maurizio Martina, Giorgio Kaniadakis Evaluate
223877 Cossio Fabio Design and characterization of a mixed-signal ASIC for the readout of Gas Electron Multiplier detectors 31 Angelo Rivetti DET-ELN Yes pdf Maurizio Zamboni, Maurizio Martina, Giovanni Mazza Evaluate
224842 Cristodaro Calogero Precise GNSS Positioning for Road Transport 31 Fabio Dovis DET-TLC Yes pdf Letizia Lo Presti, Carla Chiasserini, Andrea Carena Evaluate
241800 Du Ziweihua The Macromodel for Field Coupling to Buried and Overhead multi-conductor Transmission Lines 32 Flavio Canavero DET-ELM Yes pdf Igor Stievano, Guido Lombardi, Stefano Grivet Evaluate
241800 Du Ziweihua The Macromodel for Field Coupling to Buried and Overhead multi-conductor Transmission Lines 32 Flavio Canavero DET-ELM Yes pdf Igor Stievano, Guido Lombardi, Stefano Grivet Evaluate
240606 Elsehrawy Farid Photon Management in Quantum Dot Solar Cells 32 Federica Cappelluti DET-ELN Yes pdf Michele Goano, Giuseppe Vecchi, Mariangela Gioannini Evaluate
233596 Ferrari Simone Development of multi-physical and open-source design tools for electrical machines 32 Gianmario Pellegrino DENERG No pdf Radu Bojoi, Eric Armando, Paolo Guglielmi Evaluate
241788 Flammini Marco Giacomo The impact of the Electric Vehicle's flexibility on the distribution system 32 Gianfranco Chicco DENERG No pdf Giovanni Griva, Michele Pastorelli, Fabio Freschi Evaluate
233591 Garlando Umberto Development of CAD Tools for Emerging Technologies 32 Maurizio Zamboni DET-ELN Yes pdf Andrea Calimera, Luciano Lavagno, Maurizio Martina Evaluate
231535 Ghassemi Sina Image analysis based on deep learning 31 Enrico Magli DET-TLC Yes pdf Lorenzo Galleani, Maurizio Martina, Tiziano Bianchi Evaluate
244648 Giannantoni Leonardo Machine Learning for data processing and applications for anomaly detection 32 Marco Mellia DET-TLC Yes pdf Enrico Magli, Alfredo Braunstein, Francesco Vaccarino Evaluate
233619 Gillono Matteo Development of 3D structures for energy applications: CO2 capture and permeability control 32 Fabrizio Candido Pirri , Elena Maria Tresso DISAT Yes pdf Marco Sangermano, Giancarlo Cicero, Valentina Alice Cauda Evaluate
230902 Giovinazzo Cecilia Memristive Devices Based on ALD Thin Films 31 Carlo Ricciardi , Fabrizio Pirri DISAT No pdf Fabrizio Bonani, Emiliano Descrovi, Elena Tresso Evaluate
229044 Hassan Waqar Smartphone based applications for road traffic telematics & related services 31 Guido Albertengo DET-TLC Yes pdf Marco Mellia, Paolo Giaccone, Claudio Casetti Evaluate
225167 Khalilian Mojtaba Power electronics for high power wireless power transfer in electric vehicle 31 Paolo Guglielmi DENERG Yes pdf Giovanni Griva, Michele Pastorelli, Fabio Freschi Evaluate
241169 Khaliq Aleem Intended Topic: Exploration of UAV's Application Areas and Implementation 32 Marcello Chiaberge DET-TLC Yes pdf Fabio Dovis, Andrea Lingua, Macro Piras Evaluate
241527 Khan Sahib Camera Identification from Images and Videos 32 Tiziano Bianchi DET-TLC Yes pdf Enrico Magli, Lorenzo Galleani, Roberto Garello Evaluate
242337 Kugathasan Ramshan Versatile digital readout electronics for radiation-sensing electronic 32 Angelo Rivetti DET-ELN Yes pdf Luciano Lavagno, Giovanni Mazza, Mario Roberto Casu Evaluate
240685 Lacirignola Federica Electronic CCR Implementation and Reliability Enhancement 32 Claudio Sansoè DET-ELN Yes pdf Leonardo Reyneri, Francesco Gregoretti, Luciano Lavagno Evaluate
225112 Ma Liang High performance and Low power computation via High-level synthesis 31 Luciano Lavagno DET-ELN Yes pdf Franco Maddaleno, Leonardo Reyneri, Claudio Sansoe Evaluate
226001 Mardani Afshin Embedded Architectures and Enabling Technologies for UAV Visual-based Navigation Algorithms in Smart Agriculture Applications 31 Marcello Chiaberge , Marco Gaspardone DET-TLC Yes pdf Paolo Giaccone, Alessandro Rizzo, Claudio Ettore Casetti Evaluate
231442 Massaccesi Andrea New antenna technologies: from space to underwater applications 31 Paola Pirinoli DET-ELM Yes pdf Mario Orefice, Daniele Milanesio, Francesco Andriulli Evaluate
231937 Mengesha Befekadu Debebe Advanced signal processing for next generation optical networks and its experimental demonstrations 31 Roberto Gaudino , Vittorio Curri DET-TLC Yes pdf Valter Ferrero, Andrea Carena, Gabriella Bosco Evaluate
241276 Minetto Alex GNSS-based cooperative positioning: theory and algorithms 32 Fabio Dovis DET-TLC Yes pdf Carla Chiasserini, Letizia Lo Presti, Andrea Carena Evaluate
241379 Mohammadnia Foroogh Cellular Networks with Mobile Base Stations 32 Marco Giuseppe Ajmone Marsan DET-TLC Yes pdf Casetti Claudio Ettore, Michela Meo, Roberto Garello Evaluate
240735 Morichetta Andrea Big Data and Machine Learning Methodologies for Network Traffic Monitoring and CyberSecurity applications 32 Marco Mellia DET-TLC Yes pdf Cataldo Basile, Silvia Chiusano, Mario Casu Evaluate
231474 Muqaddas Abubakar Siddique Software defined networking for large networks and stateful data planes 31 Paolo Giaccone DET-TLC Yes pdf Guido Marchetto, Claudio Ettore Casetti, Marco Mellia Evaluate
242339 Palmieri Andrea Physics-based modelling of electronic and transport properties of materials 32 Michele Goano , Francesco Bertazzi DET-ELN Yes pdf Federica Cappelluti, Mariangela Gioannini, Maurizio Martina Evaluate
231443 Paternò Andrea Development of a Novel Digital Architecture in 65nm CMOS Technology for efficient pixel readout ASIC at Extreme Hit Rates for HEP Detectors at HL-LHC 31 Angelo Rivetti DET-ELN Yes pdf Guido Masera, Maurizio Zamboni, Maurizio Martina Evaluate
240630 Perotti Michele EMI Mitigation in Power Inverters with a Software Based Approach 32 Franco Fiori DET-ELM Yes pdf Franco Maddaleno, Claudio Sansoè, Eric Armando Evaluate
231736 Pescetto Paolo Sensorless Identification and Plug-in Control of AC Synchronous Motor Drives 31 Gianmario Pellegrino DENERG Yes pdf Eric Armando, Paolo Guglielmi, Andrea Cavagnino Evaluate
224782 Piacibello Anna Innovative high efficiency power amplifiers for wireless applications 31 Marco Pirola DET-ELN Yes pdf Vittorio Camarchia, Michele Goano, Simona Donati Evaluate
224203 Pilori Dario Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Ultra-High Capacity Optical Links 31 Gabriella Bosco , Roberto Gaudino DET-TLC Yes pdf Vittorio Curri, Andrea Carena, Pierluigi Poggiolini Evaluate
233609 Racca Luisa Study of a new ultrasound-based device in combination with ZnO nanocrystals as sonosensitizer for the treatment of cancer. 32 Valentina Alice Cauda , Candido Fabrizio Pirri DISAT Yes pdf Elena Tresso, Danilo Demarchi, Marco Sangermano Evaluate
233663 Randazzo Vincenzo Offline and online neural networks applied to pattern recognition of big data and IoT (Internet of things) sensors data 32 Eros Pasero DET-ELN No pdf Riccardo Maggiora, Franco Lombardi, Patrizia Savi Evaluate
223977 Rubino Sandro High Reliability Electric Drives for Transportation Electrification 31 Radu Iustin Bojoi DENERG No pdf Aldo Boglietti, Andrea Cavagnino, Eric Giacomo Armando Evaluate
231652 Ruffo Riccardo Wide band gap components in industrial environment: dv/dt and di/dt side effects. 31 Paolo Guglielmi DENERG Yes pdf Alberto Tenconi, Giovanni Battista Griva, Michele Angelo Pastorelli Evaluate
231482 Santoro Giulia Parallel Architectures for Nanocomputing 31 Mariagrazia Graziano DET-ELN Yes pdf Luciano Lavagno, Gianluca Piccinini, Francesca Vipiana Evaluate
231583 Sarwar Imran Efficient hardware acceleration of Imaging Algorithm 32 Mario Casu DET-ELN Yes pdf Francesca Vipiana, Marco Millia, Mariagrazie Graziano Evaluate
224111 Scalia Alberto Solar photo-capacitor : Dye sensitized solar cell/module-Supercapacitor integration 31 Elena Tresso , Andrea Lamberti DISAT No pdf Gianluca Piccinini, Pierluigi Leone, Claudio Gerbaldi Evaluate
240607 Silvestri Antonia Corrosion Characterization of an Implatable Impedance Meter for in-vivo Micro and Nano Drug Delivery Systems 32 Danilo Demarchi DET-ELN Yes pdf Gianluca Piccinini, Mariagrazia Graziano, Renato Orta Evaluate
223331 Stella Fausto Power electronics, application of SiC power MOSFETs to Power Converters, advancements in junction temperature monitoring of SiC MOSFET converters. 31 Gianmario Pellegrino , Eric Armando DENERG No pdf Radu Bojoi, Andrea Cavagnino, Paolo Guglielmi Evaluate
233597 Tadesse Senay Semu Energy Efficiency in 5G Networks and Virtualized Network Services 32 Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini DET-TLC Yes pdf Paolo Giaccone, Claudio Ettore Casetti, Fabio Dovis Evaluate
240743 Tolin Enrico Reconfigurable antenna systems 32 Francesca Vipiana DET-ELM No pdf Paola Pirinoli, Riccardo Maggiora, Renato Orta Evaluate
225331 Trevisan Martino A Big Data approach for Web Service traffic classification and management 31 Marco Mellia DET-TLC Yes pdf Guido Marchetto, Silvia Chiusano, Paolo Giaccone Evaluate
224391 Tuoheti Abuduwaili Embedded Intelligent System Design for Bio-medical Applications 31 Danilo Demarchi DET-ELN Yes pdf Maurizio Martina, Guido Masera , Paola Pirinoli Evaluate
233664 Verni' Francesco Advanced Computational EM for Metasurfaces 32 Giuseppe Vecchi DET-ELM No pdf Francesco Andriulli, Roberto Graglia, Paola Pirinoli Evaluate
233668 Zalzar Shaghayegh Financial analysis and security assessment of market coupling in european electricity markets 32 Ettore Francesco Bompard DENERG No pdf Gianfranco Chicco, Giovanni Battista Griva, ANGELLA RUSSO Evaluate
223228 Zanovello Umberto Analysis of Radiofrequency (RF) antennas for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and of their interaction with metallic prosthesis 31 Mario Chiampi DENERG Yes pdf Carlo Ragusa, Luca Giaccone, Fabio Freschi Evaluate
241387 Zhang Yang Data Mining in Smart Grid 32 Ettore Bompard DENERG Yes pdf Gianframco Chicco, Angela Russo, Giovanni Griva Evaluate
233409 Zhao Hanyu Theoretical and experimental analysis of soft magnetic material at mediumhigh frequency 31 Carlo Ragusa DENERG Yes pdf Mario Chiampi, Luca Giaccone, Maurizio Repetto Evaluate