Apple OS X - Polito address book

  1. Open Preference panel
  2. Select Internet Accounts
  3. Click on the "+" on the bottom of the left panel
  4. Select "Add Other Account..."
  5. Choose "Add an LDAP account and click on create
  6. In the form
    1. Description: Choose what you like, e.g., Polito LDAP
    2. Search base:
    3. Scope: Subtree
    4. Server Address:
    5. Expand Server Option and check "Use SSL"
    6. Authentication: select "Simple"
      1. Username: dxxxxxx (xxxxxx is your 6-digit matricola number)
      2. Password: input either the email or the Active Directory password
  7. Click on Create
  8. Enjoy autocompletion on OS mail :)

 Apple OS X - Configure Polito address book