PhD poster day 2016

This event is organized by the PhD schools in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering at the end of the first and second year (i.e., 30th and 31th cycle). It will be held on Tue Dec. 13th 2016, in one single session from 10AM to 4PM.  The place will be the 2nd floor of the "scavalco", in front of LED laboratories and below DET offices. Click here for a map. Free coffee breaks will be provided at 10:30AM and 2PM.

For the professors evaluating the posters

  • The deadline is Wed Dec. 14th 2016.
  • If you are Politecnico faculty, you should access through your official Politecnico account in the format (e.g., the same used to access WiFi/portale della didattica).
  • If you are not Politecnico faculty, or the Politecnico account does not work, please contact to get the access.
  • If the online access does not work, you can fill on offline form (available here) and send to

Any professor or student can provide a feedback (comments/suggestions) to the organization of the event by filling the form here


Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Poster ID
Thesis title
Reviewers Evaluate
27 230010 Abdellatif Alaa Awad Reliable and Energy-Efficient Cross-Layer Design for mHealth System for Effective Patient Monitoring 31 Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini DET-TLC No pdf Monica Visintin, Claudio Ettore Casetti, Emilio Leonardi Evaluate
56 223469 Ahmed Daniyal Power Management Systems for Energy Harvesting 31 Fabrizio Pirri DET-ELN No pdf Marco Pirola, Fabrizio Bonani, Sergio Ferrero Evaluate
1 220677 Arduino Alessandro Mathematical methods for MRI analysis and dosimetry 30 Mario Chiampi , Luca Zilberti (INRIM) DENERG Yes pdf Enrico Carpaneto, Carlo Stefano Ragusa, Fabio Freschi Evaluate
57 229716 Arif Arslan Wireless Sensor Network for Indoor Human Localization 31 Luciano Lavagno , Mihai Lazarescu DET-ELN Yes pdf Franco Maddaleno, Leonardo Reyneri, Claudio Sansoe Evaluate
37 221366 Bayat Ahmad Microwave sensors based on Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Thin films: Analysis and Design 30 Patrizia Savi DET-ELM Yes pdf Ladislau Matekovits, Francesca Vipiana, Alberto Tagliaferro Evaluate
40 223461 Beccaria Michele Design of innovative Reflectarray Antennas 31 Paola Pirinoli DET-ELM Yes pdf Giuseppe Vecchi, Francesca Vipiana, Riccardo Maggiora Evaluate
13 220682 Bjoerklund Tomas Automatic License Plate Recognition with Fully Convolutional Neural Networks Trained on Synthetic Data 30 Enrico Magli DET-TLC Yes pdf Tiziano Bianchi, Carla Chiasserini, Maurizio Martina Evaluate
42 220740 Brignone Aimonetto Marco Susceptibility of Wireless Communication Channels to RFIs 30 Franco Fiori DET-ELN Yes pdf Fabrizio Bonani, Patrizia Savi, Francesco Musolino Evaluate
43 220833 Bughio Ahsin Murtaza Variability in FinFET devices 30 Simona Donati Guerrieri , Fabrizio Bonani DET-ELN Yes pdf Gianluca Piccinini, Michele Goano, Federica Cappelluti Evaluate
66 231827 Calmo Roberta Nanomechanical platforms with enhanced biosensing capability 31 Carlo Ricciardi , Candido Fabrizio Pirri DISAT Yes pdf Emiliano Descrovi, Alberto Tagliaferro, Elena Tresso Evaluate
14 220887 Cantono Mattia Physical Layer Aware Design for Optical Networks 30 Vittorio Curri , Roberto Gaudino DET-TLC Yes pdf Andrea Carena, Gabriella Bosco, Andrea Bianco Evaluate
15 221177 Chai Junying The front-end analog ASIC design and the rad-hard CMOS ASIC research 30 Angelo Rivetti DET-TLC Yes pdf Luciano Lavagno, Gianni Mazza, Mariagrazia Graziano Evaluate
58 223877 Cossio Fabio High-performance, low-power CMOS IP core with time and charge measurements for fast radiation detectors 31 Angelo Rivetti DET-ELN Yes pdf Mariagrazia Graziano, Maurizio Zamboni, Giovanni Mazza Evaluate
28 224842 Cristodaro Calogero Precise GNSS positioning for road transport 31 Fabio Dovis DET-TLC Yes pdf Letizia Lo Presti, Carla Chiasserini, Roberto Garello Evaluate
65 220710 Delmondo Luisa Development and functional-morphological characterization of nanostructured catalysts 30 Fabrizio Pirri , Angelica Chiodoni (IIT) DISAT Yes pdf Elena Tresso, Fabrizio Giorgis, Samir Bensaid Evaluate
2 220985 Deriszadeh Adel High reliability power conversion systems for aircraft applications 30 Radu Bojoi DENERG Yes pdf Aldo Boglietti, Andrea Cavagnino, Eric Giacomo Armando Evaluate
44 220730 Di Girolamo Michela EMG based classification of hand and finger movements, a novel approach for upper limb rehabilitation 30 Fabrizio Pirri, Paolo Ariano (IIT) DET-ELN Yes pdf Carlo Ricciardi, Marco Gazzoni, Gabriella Balestra Evaluate
3 220638 Diana Michela Multi-3-phase Drives 30 Paolo Guglielmi DENERG Yes pdf Eric Giacomo Armando, Gian Mario Luigi Pellegrino, Michele Angelo Pastorelli Evaluate
 16 221056 Farina Marco Implantable 3D printed encapsulation system for cell transplantation, organogenesis and drug release. 30 Danilo Demarchi DET-TLC No pdf Fernando Corinto, Gabriella Olmo, Gianluca Piccinini Evaluate
 45 220676 Fausti Federico Readout electronics for particle and radiation detectors, in the fields of hadrontherapy and cosmic rays physics 30 Giovanni Mazza DET-ELN No pdf Danilo Demarchi , Guido Masera, Maurizio Martina Evaluate
 29 231535 Ghassemi Sina Visual Analysis based on Deep Learning 31 Enrico Magli DET-TLC Yes pdf Tiziano Bianchi, Carla Chiasserini, Maurizio Martina Evaluate
 67 230902 Giovinazzo Cecilia Memristive devices based on ALD thin films 31 Carlo Ricciardi , Candido Pirri DISAT Yes pdf Giancarlo Cicero, Fabrizio Bonani, Elena Tresso Evaluate
 30 231456 Grangia Giacomo Similarity based near-exact distributed data deduplication algorithm leveraging bipartite graph assignment technique 31 Andrea Bianco , Paolo Giaccone DET-TLC No pdf Emilio Leonardi, Guido Marchetto, Guido Albertengo Evaluate
 17 220685 Grassi Francesco Nonstationary signal processing applied to graph theory and to the characterization of the cardiac signal during atrial fibrillation 30 Lorenzo Galleani DET-TLC Yes pdf Letizia Lo Presti, Enrico Magli, Tiziano Bianchi Evaluate
 31 229044 Hassan Waqar Smartphone based applications for road traffic telematics and related services 31 Guido Albertengo DET-TLC Yes pdf Carla Chiasserini, Claudio Casetti, Paolo Giaccone Evaluate
 46 220822 Hussain Izhar Development of an open tool (TAMTAMS) 30 Mariagrazia Graziano DET-ELN Yes pdf Casu Mario Roberto, Demarchi Danilo, Angelo Rivetti Evaluate
47 220823 Iqbal Javed Remote Localization and Identification of Human body using RF Absorption Signatures 30 Luciano Lavagno , Mihai Teodor Lazarescu DET-ELN Yes pdf Franco Maddaleno, Leonardo Reyneri, Claudio Sansoe Evaluate
 48 220630 Khalili Arastoo Physic based simulation of GaAs based quantum dot solar cells 30 Federica Cappelluti , Mariangela Gioannini DET-ELN Yes pdf Michele Goano, Giovanni Ghione, Elena Tresso Evaluate
6 225167 Khalilian Mojtaba Power Electronics for High Power Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicle 31 Paolo Guglielmi DENERG Yes pdf Eric Armando, Michele Pastorelli, Gianmario Pellegrino Evaluate
 38 220644 Labate Giuseppe Advanced Electromagnetic Applications with Metamaterials: Analysis, Characterization and Design 30 Ladislau Matekovits DET-ELM No pdf Valeria Chiadò Piat, Emiliano Descrovi, Luca Zilberti Evaluate
4 220578 Lu Chao Development of open source software tools for the design of electrical machines for traction and high speed application 30 Gianmario Pellegrino DENERG Yes pdf Michele Pastorelli, Andrea Cavagnino, Paolo Guglielmi Evaluate
 59 225112 Ma Liang High-performance low-power computing via high level synthesis 31 Luciano Lavagno DET-ELN Yes pdf Gianpiero Cabodi, Claudio Passerone, Francesco Gregoretti Evaluate
 18 221094 Mahmood Ahsan Caching techniques in next generation cellular networks for vehicular users 30 Carla Fabiana Chiasserini , Paolo Giaccone DET-TLC No pdf Monica Visintin, Claudio Ettore Casetti, Emilio Leonardi Evaluate
 19 222542 Makki Ihab Hyperspectral imaging for landmine detection 30 Tiziano Bianchi , Massimo zucchetti DET-TLC Yes pdf Enrico Magli, Lorenzo Galleani, Roberto Garello Evaluate
 32 226001 Mardani Afshin Embedded Architectures and Enabling Technologies for UAV visual-based Navigation Algorithms in SMART AGRICULTURE Applications 31 Marcello Chiaberge , Marco Gaspardone DET-TLC Yes pdf Paolo Giaccone, Eros Gian Alessandro Pasero, Basilio Bona Evaluate
 49 220732 Masera Maurizio Digital Architectures for Multimedia Processing 30 Maurizio Martina DET-ELN Yes pdf Luciano Lavagno, Enrico Magli, Enrico Masala Evaluate
 41 231442 Massaccesi Andrea Antennas for Underwater Communication 31 Paola Pirinoli DET-ELM Yes pdf Giuseppe Vecchi, Ladislau Matekovits, Riccardo Maggiora Evaluate
 50 220836 Mehdy Malik Ashter Modeling of Conduction through Silicon Nanocrystals 30 Gianluca Piccinini DET-ELN Yes pdf Mario Casu, Massimo Ruo Roch, Maurizio Zamboni Evaluate
 33 231937 Mengesha Befekadu Debebe Advanced signal processing for the next generation optical networks and its experimental demonstration 31 Roberto Gaudino , Vittorio Curri DET-TLC Yes pdf Andrea Carena, Gabriellea Bosco, Valter Ferrero Evaluate
 51 220672 Miccoli Beatrice Where Integrated Electronics meet nano-biotechnology: from biosensing to wireless controlled tissue-based bioactuators 30 Danilo Demarchi , Candido Pirri DET-ELN No pdf Valentina Cauda, Mariagrazia Graziano, Gianluca Piccinini Evaluate
 34 231474 Muqaddas Abubakar Siddique Software Defined Networking for Large Networks 31 Paolo Giaccone DET-TLC Yes pdf Claudio Ettore Cassetti, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Michela Meo Evaluate
 52 220626 Olave Elias Jonhatan Low Power Front-end for silicon pixel sensors 30 Giovanni Mazza DET-ELN Yes pdf Franco Fiori, Luciano Lavagno, Mariagrazia Graziano Evaluate
 53 220586 Panati Serena Design of fully depleted CMOS radiation detector 30 Angelo Rivetti DET-ELN Yes pdf Amedeo Staiano, Luciano Lavagno, Michele Goano Evaluate
 60 231443 Paternò Andrea Development of a novel Readout ASIC for Pixel Detectors in High Energy Physics Experiments 31 Angelo Rivetti DET-ELN No pdf Guido Masera, Maurizio Martina, Mariagrazia Graziano Evaluate
 7 231736 Pescetto Paolo Sensorless Identification and Plug-in Control of AC Synchronous Motor Drives 31 Pellegrino Gianmario Luigi DENERG Yes pdf Iustin Radu Bojoi, Guglielmi Paolo, Eric Armando Evaluate
 39 220752 Petrini Paolo Extension of Three-dimensional Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis To Include Singular Fields 30 Roberto D. Graglia DET-ELM Yes pdf Patrizia Savi, Guido Lombardi, Ladislau Matekovits Evaluate
 5 220897 Pi Renjian Electricity independence of the baltic states: present and future perspectives 30 Ettore Bompard , Tao Huang DENERG Yes pdf Gianfranco Chicco, Griva Giovanni Battista, Carpignano Andrea Evaluate
 61 224782 Piacibello Anna Modelling, design and characterization of innovative power structures for high efficiency wireless applications 31 Marco Pirola DET-ELN Yes pdf Vittorio Camarchia, Simona Donati Guerrieri, Giovanni Ghione Evaluate
 35 224203 Pilori Dario Advanced Digital Signal Processing for Ultra-High Capacity Optical Links 31 Gabriella Bosco , Roberto Gaudino DET-TLC Yes pdf Andrea Carena, Vittorio Curri, Valter Ferrero Evaluate
 54 221324 Pirrami Lorenzo New inkjet-based fabrication processes for biomedical and low-cost RFID tags applications. 30 Danilo Demarchi DET-ELN Yes pdf Maurizio Martina, Massimo Ruo Roch, Gianluca Piccinini Evaluate
 20 220649 Renga Daniela Models and techniques for improving energy efficiency in renewable powered wireless access networks 30 Michela Meo DET-TLC Yes pdf Andrea Bianco, Ettore Bompard, Paolo Giaccone Evaluate
 21 220643 Roozmeh Mehdi Programing Xilinx FPGAs Using High Level Synthesis Process 30 Prof. Lucaino Lavagno DET-TLC Yes pdf Francesco Gregoretti, claudio paserone, Gianpiero Cabodi Evaluate
 8 223977 Rubino Sandro High reliability electric drives for electrification of transportation 31 Radu Iustin Bojoi DENERG Yes pdf Andrea Cavagnino, Eric Giacomo Armando, Gian - Mario Luigi Pellegrino Evaluate
 9 231652 Ruffo Riccardo Wide band gap components in industrial environment: dv/dt and di/dt side effects 31 Paolo Guglielmi DENERG Yes pdf Armando Eric Giacomo , Pellegrino Gian-Mario Luigi, Bojoi Iustin Radu Evaluate
 22 220799 Ruiu Pietro Energy management in large data center networks 30 Andrea Bianco , Paolo Giaccone DET-TLC Yes pdf Michela Meo, Vittorio Curri, Guido Marchetto Evaluate
23 220860 Safari Khatouni Ali Content Upload from Mobile Multihomed Vehicles with Deadlines 30 Marco Mellia DET-TLC No pdf Mario Roberto Casu , Daniele Trinchero , Claudio E. Casetti Evaluate
 62 231482 Santoro Giulia Emerging Parallel Architectures for Nanocomputing 31 Mariagrazia Graziano , Maurizio Zamboni DET-ELN Yes pdf Gianluca Piccinini, Maurizio Martina, Angelo Rivetti Evaluate
 63 231583 Sarwar Imran Efficient Hardware Acceleration of Imaging Algorithms 31 Mario Casu DET-ELN Yes pdf Francesca Vipiana, Paolo Giaccone , Mariagrazia Graziano Evaluate
68 224111 Scalia Alberto New devices for energy harvesting and storage: flexible integrated photovoltaic solar cells and supercapacitors 31 Elena Tresso , Candido Fabrizio Pirri DISAT Yes pdf Gianluca Piccinini, Pierluigi Leone, Giancarlo Cicero Evaluate
 10 223331 Stella Fausto A new setup for advanced testing of SiC Power Mosfet Modules towards integration into AC drives 31 Gian-Mario Luigi Pellegrino , Eric Giacomo Armando DENERG Yes pdf Paolo Guglielmi, Radu Iustin Bojoi, Andrea Cavagnino Evaluate
 24 215659 Tran Trung Hieu Integrity monitoring method for GNSS applications in urban environment 30 Letizia Lo Presti DET-TLC Yes pdf Lorenzo Galleani, Roberto Garello, Gustavo Belforte Evaluate
 36 225331 Trevisan Martino A Big Data Approach for Accounting of Modern Web Services 31 Marco Mellia DET-TLC Yes pdf Massimo Ruo Roch, Marco Fiore, Guido Albertengo Evaluate
 64 224391 Tuoheti Abuduwaili Smart System Development for Stimulation and Monitoring of Cells 31 Danilo Demarchi DET-ELN Yes pdf Maurizio Martina, Paola Pirinoli, Guido Masera Evaluate
 25 220668 Vassio Luca Detecting and modeling user surfing behaviour in the Web 30 Marco Mellia DET-TLC Yes pdf Tania Cerquitelli, Francesco Vaccarino, Igor Stievano Evaluate
 55 220855 Zanette Luca Swarm systems for Cubesat 30 Leonardo Reyneri DET-ELN Yes pdf Luciano Lavagno, Claudio Sansoé, Claudio Passerone Evaluate
 11 223228 Zanovello Umberto Modeling and experimental analysis of radiofrequency antennas for Magnetic Resonance Imaging 31 Mario Chiampi , Michele Borsero (INRIM) DENERG Yes pdf Enrico Carpaneto, Carlo Ragusa, Fabio Freschi Evaluate
 26 220679 Zhang Tianzhu SDN-based traffic engineering and Energy-efficient mobile fog gaming 30 Marcello Chiaberge , Paolo Giaccone DET-TLC Yes pdf Michela Meo, Claudio Casetti, Andrea Bianco Evaluate
 12 233409 Zhao Hanyu Theoretical and experimental analysis of soft magnetic material 31 Carlo Ragusa DENERG Yes pdf Mario Chiampi, Luca Giaccone, Maurizio Repetto Evaluate