To login, use your user account as "firstname.lastname@polito.it", and login/password from the Politecnico di Torino intranet SWAS. This are the same as the username and password used to access your PC if it is part of the Active Directory

Only personnel (staff members, PhD students, Contractors, etc) officially part of the DET can login.

If your password expired you will not be able to logon. In this case you have to go to SWAS and change your password. Remember that it will expire again in 6 months.

Note that is is possible to login into SWAS using i) the old password, ii) the didattica credentials, and iii) the certificate, i.e., using the unified login. Once you are logged in, select "Cambio password account ufficiale", then choose a new password. 

If you can't logon to SWAS using any of the above method, you have to request a password reset to the Service Desk of Politecnico. Please wait one hour after a password change in order to allow for the propagation of the password change to all servers. If you continue to have problems please contact it@det.polito.it